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N O E L L E   T A T E




Music Video - Jersey Follettes

Quarter Life Crisis Web Series          

Year of the Phoenix Web Series

Summit Medical Industrial

Summit Medical Industrial

New, York, New York Pilot

Love Isla Music Video

Cubed (Short)

Dreaming in the Dark (Short)

The Girlfriend

Self/Lead Singer

Flora - Lead

Francesca - Supporting

Ep. 22 Cog. Behavior Patient

Ep. 19 S.A.D. Patient

Ms. Rothstein

Isla - Lead

Yellow - Lead

Joan - Lead

Brain Salad Productions - Mike Misov

Jersey Follettes / Jersey Six Productions

Jersey Six Productions

Anna Paone - Hilda Productions

Shea Maultsby - M.INK Productions

Marcella Palmer - M.INK Productions

Eva Bodine - Horsefly Productions

Tim Montalvo - Blunt Productions

Neil Casey - NY Film Academy

Amber Henderson - NY Film Academy


Hotel Victor Bar & Grill

PriceRite Supermarket

Priority Pay Payroll

First Priority Pay Radio Spot

Corporate Business Doc.


Main Shopper

On Camera Principal

Principal Voiceover

Principal Voiceover

Pete Romano - Joey Creative

Frank Dicopoulos NJ Discover

Comcast, Cablevision, FIOS NY/NJ

WFAN 660AM NY Sports Radio

Nick Lanciano - Lanciano Productions

NY Theater

Sink or Swim, Vol 3 & 4

Birds on Fire - Original Rec.

The Hyatt Stipulation (Reading)

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

Under Her Hat! & Orig. Rec.

Birds on Fire

Featured Singer

Lucia Leoni



Cheryl - Lead

Lucia Leoni

Dana Iannuzzi, Laurie Beechman Theatre

Allison Tartalia - Rough Magic Productions

Panicked Productions - Rob Eggington

Panicked Productions - Glenn De Fler, MITF

Emerging Artist's Theatre, David Winitsky

Theatre for the New City, Barbara Kahn


Various On Camera Intensives: 

Michael Howard Studios Summer Conservatory, 2012, NYC

Michael Howard Studios Scene Study, Gabrielle Berberich

Muhlenberg College, BA Theater

Ellen Novack, Trey Lawson NBC, Jody Angstreich, Maria Hubbard FOX, Allison Shomer, Michal Zeher, Jessica Daniels, Melissa Moss

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