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Brontosaurus Publishing

is proud to introduce its children's book debut:

The Adventures of Abigail and Her Ball

Join the spunky and adorable Bichon Frise, Abigail, on her daily doggy adventures!  In this first book of Abigail's Adventures, Abigail must chase and catch her favorite toy all through her neighborhood.  On her adventure you will meet her friends including a rescue dog, Rico the baker, the local postmaster, and more!  Does she ever catch her ball?  Read on to find out!

Abigail is based on my beloved dog of the same name.  She lived a happy 18 years as my best friend and now she lives on through this book!  We spent many fun hours playing with her favorite ball and on her 13th birthday my husband gifted her 13 more and boy, did she love that.  I hope you enjoy this book based on real people, places, and of course, the real Abigail!

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Purchase your copy of  The Adventures

of Abigail and Her Ball at

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